About Us  
We consider that the time has come to explain who we are and what we do: We are a group of Argentine friends who grew up listening to good rock and roll music, going to the movies, drawing, playing guitar and singing.

Since we were young, we used to design our own t-shirts (strange techniques were tested to manage that the image won’t disappear after the t-shirt was washed!)

We went to countless concerts and parties, and in many occasions the people asked us: “Where did you get that tee?”, to which we proudly answered: “I’ve made it myself.”

We realised that we had the gift of making real the t-shirt that “didn’t exist” of our favourite bands, characters and movies.
One afternoon, talking about our dreams, one of us thought of taking this “hobby” to a bigger scale. We decided to embark us on the adventure of producing quality t-shirts with silk-screen printed stamps, without any clue of how to do it.

Our first objective was to obtain a loan and the second one to start selling the t-shirts in clothes fairs in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
We named this passionate project Waterloo, to pay tribute to the song “Waterloo Sunset”, by The Kinks.

When we assured that our products had some impact in our city, other member of this “textile rock” group came up with the idea of selling our lovely t-shirts to the whole world via Internet.

So ilovewaterloo.com was born.
Pájaros de Plomo (our other passion)

We would like this opportunity to say we are also musicians. We are part of Pájaros de Plomo, an indie rock band. We released our self-titled debut album in 2007. It was an independent release, recorded, produced and masterized professionally in first-class studios.
Now we will bring you closer to our music. Clicking on the name of the available songs, you can download the track –free- in mp3 format.
For more information of the band:

01 Lejos de acá
02 (Con las chicas) Es siempre igual
03 Se apaga el sol
04 Ojos en mí
05 Canción para la mujer del gusanito al gorrión
06 Aún no quiero estar sin pensar
07 Nostalgia del presente
08 Primeros pasos
09 Como cantar abajo del agua
10 Menta sabrás
11 Laberintos naturales
12 Tren al mas allá

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